Turn Phone Interviews Into Insights

Instead of typing notes, easily transcribe, search and share interview quotes!

Call Recording

Never forget a conversation or key moment from your interviews.


Search Everything

Search live phone interview audio and key moments.


Audio Highlights

Create audio highlights of interview answers during the call.


Audio Transcription

Document and export the entire conversation or just select answers.

The Honeit interview platform improves three important steps – scheduling calls, talking to candidates and submitting talent.

Instead of typing interview notes, Honeit automatically records and transcribes phone interview conversations and the most important interview answers. After a call, recruiting teams can cooperatively assess talent and hiring managers can hear the key interview answers using a candidate’s own voice, instead of reading scribbled notes or subjective candidate write-ups.

With the click of a button, all of this rich interview data can be stored in your existing ATS or CRM. For every interview, you have the ability to add or edit any additional interview clips or notes. You have complete control of the data you choose to save or share.

We’re excited to introduce 21st Century Phone Interviews for better hires, faster.

5 Minute Phone Call?

You’ll never look at phone interviews the same!