Introducing Data-Driven Interview Communication. 

Our initial conversations with job candidates are the most important step of the hiring process. However, phone interviews are still “off-line” and the live interview data and candidate insights are lost forever. Share unbiased interview insights to improve communication and make better decisions, faster.

Natural (2-Way) Conversations

Relaxed-fit phone interviews for recruiters and job seekers. As simple as a regular phone screen, with incredible upside.

Record Live Answers

Use optimized interview guides from our library or create your own. Ask in-depth questions and capture a candidate’s answers in real-time.

Share Highlights

After the call, easily share audio highlights with team members for collaborative hiring decisions, without misinterpretation & bias.

Sync Your Candidate Phone Screens

Synchronize your daily phone conversations with our real-time interview dashboard. Capture live answers and insights from your calls, to never forget a candidate’s personality, motivation, enthusiasm or answers to technical questions.

Live interview technology that works with every ATS & CRM.

We’ve built the product from the ground-up, to maximize a recruiter’s phone interview workflow and easily integrate with existing systems.

Convenient Conversations

Unlike video interviews, phone conversations are convenient to job seekers and introduce less bias.

Delight Hiring Managers

Quickly build trust by performing exceptional phone screens and sharing evidence, instead of opinions.

Interview Optimization

Perform structured technical and highly specialized interviews. Dig deep and never forget a detail.

ATS & CRM Integration

Easily export all the rich phone interview data into your existing ATS or CRM, through a secure URL.

Share Interview Insights

Capture unbiased interview data and audio highlights to share with fellow recruiters, hiring managers and clients.

A Better Interview Experience

Save candidates and hiring teams time and frustration by accelerating the interview experience.

Phone Interview Collaboration

We've built our technology from the ground up to play nice with every existing ATS or CRM.


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