Video Tutorials


We’re excited to help companies schedule, screen and submit talent faster and share interview insights! Below are a few videos to walk you through some of the core features and functionality of Honeit interview technology.


A Simple Candiate Experience - Honeit Interview Technology

Candidates easily talk through any telephone. There's nothing to download or install. Candidates dial a phone number and enter their interview pin number. They can talk through any telephone. Candidates receive a confirmation email with calendar attachment. They also receive a 60 minute email reminder and optional SMS text message...

Submit Candidates in 10 Seconds

Honeit interview technology was designed by recruiters to schedule, screen and submit talent faster. This video shows you how to hang up the phone and submit candidates in 10 seconds.

A Day in the Life Using Honeit Interview Technology

Honeit helps companies schedule, screen and assess talent faster. Here's a quick day-in-the-life video of a recruiter using Honeit. Enjoy your calls, instead of typing notes. Hang up the phone and share interview intelligence!

Interview Data & Talent Intelligence - Honeit Software

Instead of scribbling notes, enjoy your conversations and let Honeit automatically capture powerful interview data and insights. After the call, search keywords or share the key answers for quick collaboration and better decisions, faster.

The Honeit Interview Communication Platform

Honeit interview technology was designed by recruiters for recruiters to schedule, screen and hire faster. Easily search your conversations and share interview intelligence to cooperatively assess talent and make better hiring decisions, faster.

Calendar Settings and Interview Scheduling - Honeit Software

In this video we'll walk you through setting up and connecting your Google or Outlook calendar, limiting your phone interview availability and using your customizable Honeit scheduling link for one-click phone interview scheduling.

How to Join a Phone Interview - Honeit Software

Just click the 'join interview' button and select your interview template. You can choose to speak over the phone or through your web browser.

How to Add Highlights After a Phone Interview - Honeit Software

If you remember a great answer, but didn't create a highlight during the phone interview, you can also easily create highlights after a call.

Honeit Interview Software

Honeit.com turns interview conversations into insights. Automatically record, transcribe and search phone interviews. Schedule easier, interview smarter and hire faster with the Honeit interview platform. Honeit interview technology combines audio intelligence and workflow automation to ask better questions, analyze interview answers and share interview highlights. Instead of taking notes, interviewers...

Honeit Integration with Greenhouse ATS

The Honeit integration with Greenhouse enables recruiters to automatically schedule, record, transcribe and search phone interview conversations. When a Honeit phone interview is scheduled, a prospect is automatically created in Greenhouse. When the phone interview is completed, real-time interview data, answers, transcripts, skill tags, notes and interview sound-bites are automatically...

Why Hiring Managers Love Honeit Interview Technology

Hiring Managers love Honeit because it helps recruiters present evidence and unbiased talent insights. Now even junior and non-technical Recruiters can perform structured technical phone screens that save busy hiring teams time and frustration.Hiring managers quickly hear and assess key technical answers, along with a candidate’s personality, to accelerate in-person...

Audible Job Descriptions

Companies also use Honeit to turn hiring manager kickoff calls into audible job descriptions. Here’s an example audible job preview. https://demo.honeit.com/share/102f9d6230cb915bcf6a Audible job descriptions make it easy for candidates to quickly hear and learn about a job opportunity in the hiring manager’s own words. Audible job previews improve candidate engagement,...

Bring Job Descriptions to Life

Turn recruiting intake calls into audible job descriptions to excite candidates, increase response rates. Help candidates 'meet the hiring manager' and learn about job opportunities in the hiring manager's own words. Honeit job preview links can be pasted into job descriptions, message templates or advertising campaigns to attract and convert...

Honeit - Voice-First Interview Technology

Honeit interview technology turns conversations into insights. Tired of scheduling calls, scribbling interview notes and typing interview summaries? Leading recruiters, researchers and investors use Honeit.com to share interview intelligence! Learn more and start your Free 2 Week Trial at Honeit.com

What is Interview Collaboration?

Interview Collaboration enables your best (and busiest) employees to stay involved in hiring. After a phone interview, multiple experts in your company can review interview highlights to assess talent easier and invite top candidates on-site faster!

The Honeit Interview Dashboard

Tired of scheduling calls, typing interview notes and writing summaries? Honeit turns phone, VoIP and video interview conversations into insights. Automatically schedule, record, transcribe, search and share interview highlights. #research #recruiting #hiring #collaboration #ai #technology #WFH

Submit Multiple Candidates

Submit Multiple Candidates to Hiring Managers with Honeit Interview Technology.