There are two simple ways to schedule interviews using Honeit.

  1. Quick Schedule works when you already know a candidate’s availability to speak and want to simply send out a calendar invite.
  2. Scheduling Links can be pasted into email messages, email signatures or ATS/CRM message templates.

Let’s take a closer look at both scheduling options.

Quick Schedule:

Honeit interview software - quick schedule

  1. Click the “Quick Schedule” tab on the home navigation bar.
  2. Add the candidate’s name, email address and the Date, time and the candidate’s timezone.
  3. Click Submit.

Honeit interview software - quick schedule

Candidates will receive a branded email and calendar invitation with call-in details. The default connection method for candidates is the telephone. Within the calendar invite is a phone number and interview pin number. Candidates simply call the phone number and enter their interview pin number at the time of the interview.

Honeit interview software - quick schedule

Scheduling Links

Candidates simply select a couple of times based on the interviewer’s availability.

Branding: Scheduling links include your company’s logo and the interviewer’s profile, photo and contact info.

Integration: Scheduling links integrate with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendars for free/busy synchronization and automatically add interviews to your calendar when they are confirmed.

Example:  https://yourcompany.honeit.com/it/yourname

Honeit interview software - quick schedule