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The Honeit interview platform combines scheduling automation, conversation intelligence and interview collaboration to help remote recruiting, hiring and research teams turn interviews into insights.

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“Hands-down the best recruiting tool… ever!”

Honeit is a game-changer, and by far the best tool I have used in 15 years of recruiting! This one tool touches everything from; automation & ease of scheduling, candidate engagement, searchable database, recorded calls & interview highlights, as well as; less note-taking and the ability to further engage in meaningful conversations. Honeit provides streamlined functionality for us on the back-end, as well as ease for candidates and hiring managers. The Honeit Team is absolutely amazing, and is always open for feedback and suggestions. They truly listen to the needs, adjust and deliver…every time!

Richeal Royal

Recruiting Strategist, Accenture RPO

“Honeit is my best-friend for candidate screening.”

Especially for roles that require very detailed and in-depth answers including technical skills – I can easily go back and listen to the audio to make sure I present a Candidate in the most accurate light possible. My Clients love Honeit because they can listen to selected answers of how Candidates articulate themselves. Easy to set up scripts, change/add during a screen and sending the audio link to the Client. Honeit has made my job more efficient and has helped me become a better Recruiter at Strategy Source.

Rich Farquhar

Executive Recruiter, Strategy Source

“The best recruiting innovation since the telephone!”

Phone interviews went from a stressful chore to a pleasure. Why? No more note-taking. No more lost answers or misinterpretations because I can’t recall what a candidate said. Now, I can relax and focus on a discussion with the candidate. My interview guide is built in to Honeit so I’m consistent and organized with my questions. The candidate’s answers are recorded, transcribed, and time-stamped for easy retrieval when I’m ready to submit a candidate to a client. Honeit is a Godsend for my sales recruiting firm.

Jim Caragher

President, The CIB Group

Talk Sooner

Automatically schedule calls, send calendar invites, reminder emails and SMS messages. Dial-in to the conference bridge or call-out via Honeit.

Record & Transcribe

Instead of typing  interview notes, focus on the conversation. Automatically record, transcribe, index and save interviews securely in the cloud. Designed for dual-consent, GDPR and CA laws.

Honeit interview technology

Talent Insights

Easily search call transcripts, questions, answers, tags and notes. Discover the best interview questions and answers for any skill-set. 

Honeit interview technology

Candidate Previews

Instead of typing tedious candidate write-ups, hang-up the phone and create audible candidate previews in 10 seconds.

Example Candidate Preview
interview technology

Job Previews

Intake calls are interviews too! Enjoy your conversations with hiring managers. After the call, create Audible Job Previews in 10 seconds.

Hear Job Preview
interview technology

Diversity & Inclusion

Remove names, photos and resumes and reduce interview bias with blind candidate previews and phone interview technology.

interview technology

Social Recruiting

Boost referrals, attract passive candidates and increase response rates by sharing audible job previews on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

interview technology

Global Communication

Avoid long-distance and international calling charges with local phone numbers and VoIP communication.

Easy Integration

Export interview data via secure links, partner integrations or API.


Designed by recruiters to schedule, screen and hire faster!


Schedule easier, screen smarter and hire faster!