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The Communication Stack for Talent

Enjoy your calls and share interview data for instant collaboration. Honeit automates scheduling, note-taking, call summaries and write-ups to streamline the candidate screening and interview experience.

“Honeit is a game-changer for our team and clients.”

Angie Verros

CEO, Vaia Talent

Honeit helps interrupt unconscious bias.”

Andres Traslavina

Head of Executive Recruiting, Whole Foods Market

“Honeit will change your recruiting life.”

Jay Curry

Head of Talent Acquisition, Everly Health

“Honeit is the one recruiting tool that I can’t live without.”

Eleni Breaux

Talent Acquisition, Sprinklr

Now We're Talking!

Human conversations are essential to recruit and hire the best candidates.

Talk Sooner

Call candidates directly or automate call scheduling. Honeit sends calendar invites, reminder emails and SMS text messages.

interview data

Enjoy Your Calls

Focus on listening, instead of typing interview notes. Honeit automatically records, transcribes and summarizes Phone, VoIP and Video calls.

Hire Faster

Share Call Highlights for instant collaboration between sourcing, recruiting and hiring teams to hire the best candidates anywhere, faster.

Recruiters ❤️ Honeit

Executive Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Partners and RPO teams say “Honeit will change your life.

A Better Interview Experience

Remove weeks from your hiring process with interview collaboration.


Enjoy a fast, fair and personable interview experience with structured conversations and no more repeating the same answers.

high-touch talent acquisition


Enjoy your calls and automate everything else. Honeit instantly upskills your recruiters to be interview experts and removes interview bias.

Hiring Teams

Quickly assess technical knowledge, domain experience and communication skills in minutes by reviewing select interview highlights.

Designed by Recruiters and Talent Partners

Streamline the candidate screening and interview experience.

Phone, VoIP + Video Calls

Phone calls, video calls, global VoIP calls, outbound calls, local phone numbers and SMS text messaging are included with nothing to download and no additional apps required.

Automate Scheduling

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar and paste Honeit scheduling links into emails, InMails and ATS templates to make it easy for the best candidates to schedule calls.

A.I. Interview Guides

Paste a job description into Honeit to generate custom interview guides with cultural, technical and industry-specific questions to instantly upskill your recruiters.

Automate Note-Taking

Instead of typing notes, focus on listening and building rapport. Honeit automatically summarizes the key answers from phone screens, intake calls and video conversations.

A.I. Summarization

Automatically summarize the key answers and insights from intake calls, phone screens and reference calls.

Automate Write-Ups

After a phone screen or video call, submit candidates in seconds and surprise and delight hiring teams with unbiased interview data and real-time talent insights.

Search Interview Intelligence

Now sourcers and recruiters can easily search structured interview data and previously screened candidates from Phone, Video and VoIP calls for talent rediscovery.

Outbound Calls

Make outbound calls directly from the Honeit Chrome Extension to automatically capture, search, and share the key moments from your calls for instant collaboration.

SMS + Phone Numbers

Make/receive calls and send/receive SMS text messages from local phone numbers and our chrome extension.


Click the bias button to easily hide names, photos, and resumes for DEI, less bias and to market top candidates.

RPO + Sub-Accounts

Add client logos and branding for a seamless candidate and recruiter experience for embedded and RPO teams.

CRM + Team Projects

Honeit includes an easy-to-use CRM to manage projects, clients, requisitions and candidate pipelines.

Easy Integration

Automatically export call transcripts, interview questions, answers, skill tags, and notes into your ATS or CRM.

"Honeit is a Game-Changer."