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VoIP Interview Best Practices for Honeit Users

Digital Phone Interviews Phone interview conversations play an important part in recruiting and hiring. That’s why we are excited to bring interview conversations into the cloud with innovative VoIP (voice over IP) and digital phone interview technology. While... read more

Honeit at StaffingTec in Seattle

James Craft and Nick Livingston from the Honeit team had a blast at StaffingTec in Seattle. The event consisted of two full days of one-on-one meetings with staffing firms interested in finding their next recruiting advantage.

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Honeit Software at HR Transform

The Honeit team had a blast in Las Vegas meeting HR practitioners and HRTech innovators. As a former Recruiting Director, Honeit co-founder Nick Livingston attended numerous HR technology conferences as “a buyer”, but this was Honeit’s... read more

Take-Home Job Interviews, Really?

Thanks for applying! Now please interview yourself… 🙁 Instead of speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager, some companies are asking candidates to interview themselves, a take-home test if you will. After completing a lengthy (often painful) job application,... read more

Honeit Software Featured on Top HR Podcast

Honeit was recently featured on the Chad and Cheese HR Podcast. Listen to Honeit CEO Nick Livingston face Joel Cheeseman and Chad Sowash on the Firing Squad. Learn what makes Honeit interview technology unique and a game-changer for recruiting and hiring teams.... read more

When Recruiters Become Hiring Managers

In a previous post, I wrote about the transition from agency headhunting to corporate recruiting. But it was only when I first became a hiring manager (newly-minted recruiting manager), that I finally experienced a complete view of the hiring process. Only then did I... read more

How does your company articulate great talent?

Honeit co-founder Nick Livingston had the opportunity to write a guest blog post on about the challenge of articulating what makes a candidate great to another recruiter, a hiring manager or a staffing customer. Here’s a quick teaser…... read more

UC Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator

The Honeit team was fortunate to be a part of the UC Berkeley Skydeck accelerator. With help from Skydeck staff, mentors, fellow teams and alumni, we were able to navigate (survive) two major company pivots. It was fun to see a tweet today from the San Francisco... read more

Phone Interview Calibration

Great Job, Jan Day one of the Greenhouse Open event in San Francisco was chock-full of great recruiting tips and takeaways. But what made me jump out of bed at 3:30 am this morning, was something during an awesome presentation by Jan Fiegel, Head of Recruiting... read more

The Recruiter Huddle

Introducing.. The Recruiter Huddle. After a day of back-to-back phone screens, have a quick stand-up (or sit down) with your immediate recruiting squad, to review the day’s candidate conversations. For the first time ever… recruiters can quickly share... read more

Simple ATS Integration

Just copy and paste your unique interview invite in your favorite ATS or CRM template and you’re set. We’re excited to make it even easier for busy recruiters and interview teams to schedule phone interviews. This week’s release includes a simple way... read more

Cooperative Phone Screens

Subject Matter Experts We all know that phone screening technical talent or highly specialized skill sets is difficult and highly subjective – especially if the interviewer isn’t technical themselves. In a small to mid-size organization, there may only be... read more

The Phone Interview Experience

  How many phone interviews does it take to hire someone?   Today’s phone interview experience has become a nightmare for candidates, hiring managers and recruiters alike. Why so many redundant phone conversations to get to the root of a candidate’s... read more

iCIMS + HONEiT Integration

We’re excited to announce our latest HONEiT integration with iCIMS! Now 3000+ companies using iCIMS can bring real-time phone interview data into their ATS candidate records. With a couple of clicks, recruiters can easily schedule, phone screen and share live... read more

Anyone Can Interview!

Similar to describing taste or flavors, the ability for a recruiter to articulate what stood out on a phone screen, will never compare with a hiring manager hearing a candidate’s answer for themselves.

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Honeit + Slack Integration

Based on feedback from Honeit users, we’re excited to announce our latest interview software integration, with Slack. Recruiters can now easily share all the rich candidate data and phone interview insights with recruiting peers or multiple hiring teams, through... read more

Real-time Phone Interview Data

Phone Interview Data. Now we’re talking..   All of the interview data & insights below came from a regular phone interview between a recruiter and a job seeker. For this interview, we asked a few questions from a default QA Automation Engineer interview... read more

Hiring Managers Want Data

As an applied mathematics major, I’ve always been a fan of numbers, data and patterns. However, as a human resources and talent acquisition practitioner, it’s been frustrating to hear the term ‘big data’ and ‘data-driven hiring’... read more

Candidates are Complex

Last year, the image below was making its rounds on social media. It’s an excellent visualization of how even a simple solid object can be seen from unique perspectives. Getting two parties to agree on whether this was a cube or a cylinder, would be nearly... read more

The Staffing Agency / Corporate Recruiter Relationship

Staffing agency recruiters and internal corporate recruiters have a lot in common. While the incentive structures are different, at the end of the day, both professionals are motivated to source, screen and submit the best candidates to their clients. It’s... read more

The Recruiting Skills Gap

We often talk about the skills gap in America. The idea that the qualified talent ‘supply’ of the US population does not meet the qualified talent ‘demanded’ by U.S. companies. There are plenty of recent, interesting and complicated articles... read more

What’s the Deal with Video Interviews?

As an HR Technology enthusiast and recruiting practitioner, the idea of requiring candidates to record themselves answer one-way interview questions has always troubled me. I’ve always considered one-way video interviews to be a terrible candidate experience... read more

Easy ATS Integration via Chrome Extension

The Honeit Chrome Extension is now live in the chrome app marketplace and allows for easy ATS integration. With the click of a button you can quickly send interview invites or interview confirmations without leaving your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or... read more

Ho Ho Honeit. Happy Holidays!

We want to thank all of our customers and partners for making 2015 such a great year for Honeit. In 2016, we’re thrilled to continue our mission to re-engineer today’s interview experience, by creating new tools to help hiring teams and recruiters improve... read more

Phone Interview Optimization

After conducting thousands of phone interviews to date… it becomes a challenge to remember what’s unique, and what distinguishes one candidate from the next. In many cases, a recruiter’s day is filled with back to back interviews, which leaves no... read more

The Most Important Step of the Hiring Process

A candidate’s first conversation with a Recruiter sets the tone, sets expectations, and sets your company’s talent bar. How do you ensure your recruiter’s are equipped with tools to create an optimal interview experience and first impression?

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Modern Phone Interviews – Now We’re Talking!

Lean back and make the most of your daily phone interviews. No scribbled notes. Never miss a detail. No stress. Now you can finally capture 100% of a candidate’s LIVE answers during phone calls, then share the highlights with clients or hiring managers.... read more

Introducing Phone Interview Innovation

With innovation all around us, it’s staggering to think that phone interviews have never evolved. There’s a lot of talk about data-driven hiring, but the most valuable information we can get is from the candidates themselves. We’re not talking about... read more

How the Founders Met via AngelList

The fourth time’s a charm. After three attempts to find the right technical co-founder to build a software business, it was AngelList that introduced me to James Craft & Kim Duong – TWO technical co-founders and Honeit, Inc. was born. James and Kim are... read more

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