We spent a good chunk of 2020 and so far 2021 pursuing valuable integrations with other recruitment products, including Loxo, Greenhouse, Slack (not a recruiting tool but a primary communication tool), and more.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been added to the SmartRecruiters Marketplace, in four primary categories:

  • Conversational Hiring Experience
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Communication and Scheduling
  • Data and Analytics

SmartRecruiters has a simple goal that we also share: make hiring easy, helping businesses get the talent they need to succeed, and helping people find a job they love. Despite the pandemic, 2020 also marked a milestone year for the company – celebrating its 10 year anniversary with over 10 million jobs created. The company helped connect 24 million candidates to 300k jobs in 2020 alone. 

Additionally, SmartRecruiters offered its modern talent acquisition suite to spark movements to connect people to jobs at scale. Starting with Jobs for Lebanon, now Lebanon’s largest job center with almost 10,000 candidates across 37 countries, and quickly spreading to Jobs for Australia, Jobs for Netherlands, and Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters – a consortium of 200+ companies who are helping furloughed recruiters get back to work. 

“This is a big step for Honeit in terms of our own growth,” said Nick Livingston, one of the Honeit co-founders. “SmartRecruiters is a great platform that constantly rises above in the recruiting tech space, and being a partner of theirs is an honor. We’re excited to be in multiple categories that showcase the value the Honeit interview platform can provide to global recruiting and hiring teams. The post-pandemic hiring ecosystem is quickly evolving, and having smart partners can only benefit everyone.”

You can learn more about SmartRecruiters’ initiatives here and learn more about our platform here.