The Honeit team is fully remote and understand the challenges of long-distance communication and collaboration.

The current COVID19 crisis has brought uncertainty to the world of recruitment and hiring. But on a positive note, Honeit has seen consistent activity from recruiters using Honeit to speak with candidates and clients. Even during a hiring freeze, recruiting conversations today become hires tomorrow!

We’re excited to help hiring teams share interview data for unbiased communication and real-time collaboration. Common challenges in hiring include misinterpretation, miscommunication and bias – all are reduced with interview data.


To help with remote communication among candidates, recruiters and clients globally, we’re now offering one free month of Honeit access to help with the transition to remote recruiting and hiring.

Whether you enjoy the simplicity of phone interviews or prefer video interviews, Recruiters use Honeit to build a database of pre-screened candidates available to quickly submit to hiring teams when things turnaround!


Honeit was designed by recruiters for recruiters to simplify recruiting and improve the hiring process!

Get one free month of access by visiting Honeit.com!