Professional Baseball player turned Engineering recruiter, Michael Santoro talks about the tools and techniques he uses to stay competitive in the sport of recruiting. Michael’s company, On-Board Engineering, uses Honeit interview technology to boost recruiter productivity, streamline operations and enhance candidate presentations to clients.

Meet Michael Santoro:

I am the Lead Engineering, Construction, Architecture, & CAPEX Project Manager Recruiter at On-Board Companies. I help the careers of Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, & Niche Professionals. I am a Certified Black Belt in Internet Recruitment and avid sourcing expert & learner. I am a man of faith and a family man, husband to a beautiful wife and father of 2 amazing boys and 1 beautiful baby girl. A former professional baseball player, longtime catcher (who still has good knees) =) Current High School Baseball Coach. Avid for health, fitness, personal growth, and spiritual growth. Michael.Santoro@onboardusa.com

On-Board is a privately held Family of Companies (45 Years) with services including: Professional Search Direct Placement Recruiting, Temporary or Long-Term Contractor Staffing, Consulting, Professional Engineering, Industrial Maintenance & Facility Management, Contracted Manufacturing, and Production Services. Learn more about us at OnBoardUSA.com.

Professional Career Mission Statement:
“I work to improve the professional careers of my candidates by listening to their needs, identifying opportunities, and championing them to the right organizations. I listen intently to my clients to understand their needs, communicate clearly, and consistently deliver candidates whom they are excited to meet. I execute by attending to details, by exceeding expectations, and by pursuing excellence in service and efficiency.”

Baseball Coaching Mission Statement:
“I coach to encourage young men to pursue excellence as a way of life. I teach them how to have integrity, how to be responsible, how to respect others, and how to overcome adversity. In doing so, I help prepare them to be men of honor who will one day lead their families well and transform their communities for good.”

About Me:
DISC Personality Assessment – Cd “Mike is an Executer: Accurate, straightforward in communication, focused on goals and eliminating uncertainty”

StrengthsFinder 2.0
My Top 5 Strengths:
1. Learner- I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. The process of learning excites me
2. Responsibility-I take ownership of what I say I will do. I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty
3. Harmony
4. Input
5. Achiever