Based on feedback from Honeit users, we’re excited to announce our latest integration with Slack.

The Honeit team uses Slack to effectively communicate, to “be less busy”, and to get stuff done as a remote team. We’re thrilled to bring interview collaboration to Slack.

After a phone screen or video call, Recruiters can hang up the phone and submit candidates in 10 seconds via Slack.

slack integration - share real-time candidate data and phone interview insights

After you hang up the phone, all of the rich audio excerpts, your interview notes, skill-stamps and the entire audio conversation, can be easily shared with fellow recruiters or hiring managers through public or private channels on Slack. As always, you have complete control of the interview data and candidate insights that you choose to share with your recruiting team or with hiring managers.

honeit slack integration - qa automation engineer job share, interview highlights

We’ve been inspired by Slack and their commitment to building something companies can’t live without, but also something their customers didn’t know they needed. Stewart Butterfiled, Slack CEO, wrote this inspiring memo to early employees just before their Beta launch, reminding them that they weren’t selling just another group chat system, but that they “were selling organizational transformation”.

For years, phone interviews have been an off-line experience and performed in a vacuum . We’re excited to bring real-time interview data and transparency to the hiring process, to improve the interview experience, accelerate collaboration and enable higher quality hires.