Honeit takes home the prestigious title of “Recruitment Startup of the Year” at HR.com’s EmpowerHR and EmpowerDEIB event this week in Phoenix. The HR.com event brought together Talent Acquisition leaders, HR professionals, and DEIB experts from across the country. As a platform for showcasing groundbreaking HR technologies and trends, the award marks a significant milestone for Honeit, affirming its dedication to transforming the way organizations hire top talent.

EmpowerHR Talent Acquisition wants to help change how hiring happens: the way people find jobs and the way companies find people. In a world where business as usual is anything but, you’ll learn how to make better hires more efficiently and effectively. Because that’s what it’s all about.

EmpowerHR DEIB wants to put the “belonging” back in DEI initiatives and create connections between our content, conversations and community that lead to meaningful change and tangible impacts in creating more inclusive, equitable, and just workplaces both today and tomorrow.