Meet Batman

Not Bruce Wayne, but Mike “Batman” Cohen. Mike has a great reputation in the talent acquisition space and is one of the best recruiters we know. He’s also a “friend of the program” at Honeit. Nick (founder/CEO) and him did a little walk-through of how Mike optimizes his own recruiting processes with Honeit, which you can see on LinkedIn or embedded here:

What will you learn in this video?

At the core, you’ll learn about how to balance top-of-funnel recruiting automation — i.e. scheduling, getting one link for all your needs — with having better conversations with candidates once you get down the funnel into actually, well, needing to talk to candidates. Instead of doing the most insufferable recruiter thing ever, which is loud typing and potentially eating lunch as you take notes (or go on mute to take notes, then forget to come off mute to ask the next question, which creates a lot of awkward timing and poor candidate experience), you will learn:

  • How to use Honeit to find specific questions, candidate answers, transcripts, and more — which you can easily show to your hiring manager and reduce their time spent on the front end of the process
  • How to make tags to flag important, or questionable, elements about candidates
  • The legal landscape around recording calls (one-way/two-way consent)
  • How to actually direct a conversation — because all you need to do is hit stop and start by question
  • One-link hiring manager submissions that include LinkedIn profile, actual audio answers to every question, transcripts, and more — with no biased, often generic, summary from the recruiter (“Seems like a good fit for the role!”)
  • How to make customized URLs for clients to make ‘em feel even more special

Build Rapport with Candidates and Hiring Managers

This is a tremendous walk-through of how to develop stronger hiring manager relationships, as well as how to save your organization (and the decision-makers) both time and money with single links, everything in one place, etc. Check it out, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. As you can see in the video, there were some recruiters on Mike’s call with questions about one-party vs. two-party authorization or the percentage effectiveness of transcripts (usually 90-95%, give or take). If you have additional questions, we’re here!

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