In this podcast, Cammas Freeman shares her experience building and scaling Talent Acquisition teams and founding her own recruiting firm, Stackrock Talent. Cammas talks about how her firm has a 95% submission-to-interview ratio by enhancing their conversations, sharing unbiased data, and providing more value to clients.

We talk about recruitment innovation, recruiter enablement, and technology to improve the recruiter experience. As a Talent Strategy and Talent Acquisition leader, Cammas also shares best practices for recruitment marketing, employer branding, and attracting the best and brightest candidates.

Cammas founded Stackrock Talent with the goal to help companies hire the right talent to grow their business. We do this by levering the latest AI technology, streamlined processes, and delivering exceptional candidate experience – Hi-tech meets Hi-touch. We care about people and companies. We are passionate about building relationships that last.

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