Human conversations at scale are now possible to improve the candidate and recruiter experience.

Timing is everything and conversations are essential to hire the best talent. However, too many companies try removing human conversations in an attempt to automate or accelerate the recruiting and hiring process.

With modern candidate screening and interview technology, human conversations at scale are now possible and create a better candidate and recruiter experience!

Watch the video below to see the Virtual Interview Day Toolkit by Honeit Software.

Virtual Interview Day Toolkit - Honeit Software

Step 1: Create a Honeit project

Step 2: Add Your Recruiters

Step 3: Customize your Project Scheduling Link

  • 15 Minute Calls
  • Phone or Video calls
  • Add a Structured Call Guide
  • Capture Resume Attachments

Step 4: Paste your project scheduling link into emails, landing pages, InMails or ATS message templates for round-robin scheduling across your recruiting team.

Step 5: Voila! 500 candidates are automatically scheduled for 15 minute phone or video calls across your recruiting team. Each recruiter asks the same structured questions for consistency and fairness.

Step 6: After each call, Recruiters share phone interview highlights with hiring managers for clear communication and better, faster hiring decisions.

Step 7: Sit back, relax and wait for Hiring Managers to say “How did you do that?!”