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Honeit turns phone and video interviews into college admissions insights. Tired of manually scheduling calls, scribbling notes and typing summaries? Share interview intelligence for quick collaboration and better decisions.

Automate Scheduling

One-click Google and Outlook integration makes scheduling a breeze. Automatically send calendar invites, email reminders & SMS reminders. Capture resumes and pre-screening answers on scheduling links.

Schedule a Conversation

Record & Transcribe

Instead of typing interview notes, focus on the conversation and never miss a detail. Automatically record, transcribe, index, search and store telephone and video admissions interviews securely in the cloud.
Honeit interview technology

Candidate Previews

Instead of typing interview notes and written summaries, easily capture and share highlights from college admissions interviews for quick collaboration and faster admissions decisions. Showcase an applicant’s domain knowledge, communication skills and work experience stories.

Hear Interview Highlights
interview technology

Diversity & Inclusion

Blind candidate previews reduce bias and make it easy to showcase personality, domain knowledge, communication skills and career highlights without a resume, photo or personal social profiles.

Blind Candidate Preview
interview technology

Search & Discover

Search call transcripts, interview questions, answers, tags and notes. Discover the best interview questions and answers for every degree program. Capture a powerful new layer of admissions intelligence. 

Honeit interview technology

Global Communication

Easily talk via mobile phone, land line or through your computer with nothing to download or install. Avoid international and long-distance calling charges with our global phone numbers and VoIP links.

Easy Integration

Honeit is light-weight and plays nice with any system or workflow. Paste Honeit scheduling links into emails or applications. After a call, easily download, export or push interview intelligence into another system through secure links, partner integrations or the Honeit API.

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