Authentic Recruitment Marketing with Honeit Job Previews 💼

Let our team help you attract amazing candidates, aling your teams and elevate your employer brand.

What are Job Previews?


Job Previews transform intake calls into engaging narratives, blending insights from the Hiring Team with multimedia to capture the true essence of a job and company culture.

The result is a dynamic landing page which can be embedded or shared across all communication platforms.

Meet the Hiring Manager!

Engage Candidates


Gone are the days of dull job descriptions.


Attract passive candidates, increase response rates and set clear expectations for new hires from day one.



Showcase Your Brand


Distinguish your company through authentic conversations.

Use Job Previews to showcase your employer brand, company culture and elevate your recruitment marketing strategy.

Foster Inclusive Hiring


Counter biases of traditional Job Descriptions.


By allowing candidates to hear firsthand about the role, its culture and expectations, Job Previews foster transparency, combat pre-existing biases and attract diverse talent by showcasing authentic narratives.



Share Your Honeit Link 🪄


Share engaging narratives that resonate, attract and excite with a single link.


Share or embed Job Previews across all communication platforms and integrate into your sourcing and recruiting workflows.

Our Process

Step 1

Schedule a Honeit Call

Easily schedule a call with us and send us the Job Description you want to discuss.

Step 2

Speak With a Talent Partner

We have a real conversation with the hiring team to uncover what really makes the role, the team and your company culture shine.

Step 3

Share Your Link

We combine the Job Description, interview insights and multimedia into a vibrant landing page ready for sharing and embedding.

Get a Free Job Preview

Once you’ve submitted the form, you will receive a message from our team to kick things off. We’ll send you the Job Preview within a day of our intake call with your hiring manager so that you can share or embed it across all your favorite platforms.

Share or Embed Job Previews

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