Collaboration Software for Recruiting Teams

Honeit Software enables real-time collaboration between Sourcing, Recruiting and Hiring teams.

Step 1) Create Screening Guide

Recruiters or Managers create custom interview guides. Include the key technical questions for any job or industry.

Step 2) Recruiter Phone Screen

Recruiters perform advanced phone screens by asking the key technical questions in the interview guides.

Step 3) Managers Hear Highlights

Hiring teams spend 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes to hear communciation skills and assess domain knowledge.

Hear Example Talent Preview.

How to Tactically Improve Remote Hiring

Remote hiring became the norm for white-collar jobs around March 2020. How can remote hiring be tactically maximized? Honeit has a solution.

Greenhouse Integration

Honeit turns phone, voip and video calls into talent insights. Check out our Greenhouse ATS & CRM integration.

Your Next Job Interview May be Recorded

Business conversations have been recorded for decades for training and quality control. Job interviews are business conversations too.

Recorded Training: Recruiter Phone Screens

Watch Mike Cohen demonstrate how to impress candidates and delight hiring managers through better phone screens and candidate presentations.

Honeit Video Calls

Talk to candidates and clients anywhere in the world through live video calls and video interviews with nothing to download or install.

How Sourcers and Recruiters Screen Talent Together

Now only takes one phone screen for sourcers, recruiters, account managers, corporate recruiters, hiring managers to screen talent together.

Interview Collaboration: Supercharge Technical Recruiting

Technical recruiting has long been an area that companies of all sizes struggle with, and subsequently struggle to innovate because of. What if a focus on interview collaboration could help solve this?

Steve Cadigan Joins Honeit Advisory Board

Steve Cadigan is the former Chief Human Resources Officer for LinkedIn and recently joined the Honeit Software advisory board.

“Calendly on Steroids” for Recruiting

We were flattered. One of the nicest things we’ve heard a client say about HoneIt is that we are “Calendly on steroids.” We were flattered. Calendly is an incredible product for scheduling, and has built a business which now does about $60 million a year. What does...

Synchronous Interview Technology: The Future of Recruiting and Hiring

Synchronous interview conversations, or real conversations with two people, have not been prioritized in HR technology, but it’s the future.

Collaboration Software for Recruiting Teams

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