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Introducing Phone Interview Innovation

With innovation all around us, it's staggering to think that phone interviews have never evolved. There's a lot of talk about data-driven hiring, but the most valuable information we can get is from the candidates themselves. We're not talking about padded resumes or...

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How the Honeit.com Founders Met via AngelList

The fourth time's a charm. After three attempts to find the right technical co-founder to build a software business, it was AngelList that introduced me to James Craft & Kim Duong - TWO technical co-founders and Honeit, Inc. was born. James and Kim are...

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The Transition From Staffing to Corporate Recruiting

The term "Recruiter" sure gets thrown around a lot. In most cases it's a catch-all for anyone involved in the process of sourcing, attracting, screening and selling working professionals on new job opportunities. Recruiting is Sales. Recruiting is Marketing....

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