We were fortunate to work with Davis Jones and the team at Eazl to create an Interview Hacking course for job seekers. It’s a robust video course on Udemy with tips, tricks and techniques to make a great impression and showcase a job seeker’s strengths during the job interview process.

Hack the job hunt with upgraded job search skills, business communication, technical interviews, & speaking strategies.

Course Description

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Learn to Hack Job Interviews and Improve Your Communication Skills

The online business and innovation community Eazl has teamed up with the Bay Area technologists at HoneIT to provide this fantastic course on business communication, interview preparation, and job search hacking. In the course, you’ll find a whole suite of Eazl’s fun, engaging, HD video modules on interview and communication related subjects, interviews with San Francisco Bay Area recruiters–including Nick, the cofounder of HoneIT, and Eazl’s signature guides available for you to download.

Massive Return on Investment: Work Happier and Earn More Money

The course should only take you a couple hours to complete, And on the other side of the course you’ll find that you understand more about interviewing from the employer’s perspective, you know how to communicate more effectively in professional situations, and you’re able to showcase your ability to leverage emerging technologies by using HoneIT to connect experts at companies like Uber, Twitter, and other leading firms and present yourself in a more dynamic way while you’re on the job hunt.

What are the requirements?

  • As a part of the course, we’ll cover how to use HoneIT’s technology effectively.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 28 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Understand how employers use interview series so that you can work the system to your advantage.
  • Prepare for interviews efficiently and demonstrate that you’re an agile candidate.
  • Know how to identify your talking points, re-frame past experiences, and be comfortable telling compelling career narratives.
  • Handle hard questions and present yourself confidently in the interview room.
  • Know how to leverage HoneIT’s technology to hack the labor market.
  • Use exploits for common interview scenarios.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is ideal for ambitious, smart individuals looking to advance in their careers. People who are looking to get more familiar with career technologies will particularly benefit from the course.
  • Engineers, UX designers, and developers will particularly benefit from HoneIT’s network of experts.


Section 1: Secrets of the Interview System Revealed
Welcome to the Course
An Insider’s Crash Course on Candidate Interviewing
Data on What Hiring Managers Seek
Nick Livingston, Technical Recruiter and Co-founder of HoneIT
Takeaways from Nick’s Interview
2 questions
Section 2: Interview Preparation Hacks
An Introduction to Efficient Interview Preparation
The BORG System for Optimizing Interview Preparation [Prep Cheat Sheet Here]
BJ Thompson, Recruiting Manager at Office Team [Guide to References Here]
Section 3: Storytelling for Business and Career Framing
Storytelling + Other Core Interview Communication Skills
Job Search Hack: How to Identify Your Big Six Skills
You Are an Iceberg: Framing and Transferable Skills
How to Use Crisis Narratives to Structure Your Communication
How to Sell Yourself without Selling
Developing Powerful Communication Strategies
3 questions
Section 4: Hacks for the Interview Room
Hacks for the Interview Room
How to Handle the “Weakness” Question
The IRS System: Your Fail-safe for Any Professional Question
Hacks for Mitigating Interview Nerves
How to Make Sure You Make a Good First Impression
Small Talk, Active Listening, and Free Information [Guide to Small Talk Here]
Generating Successful Outcomes from Professional Conversations
3 questions
Section 5: Use Honeit to Stand Out and Get Access to Top Firms
Career Tech: An Introduction to HoneIT
How to Mitigate Application Barriers [Application Barriers Guide Here]
How to Connect with Experts from Twitter, Uber, and Other Top Firms
How to Curate Profile Access to Suit Your Situation
Launch Your HoneIT Account
Section 6: Hacks for Specific Interview Scenarios
How Can You “Hack” Certain Interviews?
How to Hack Phone Interviews [Guide to Phone Interviews Here]
How to Use Video Interviews to Your Advantage
An Insider’s Guide to the Headhunter Interview
Go Out and Make a Difference


Prior to co-founding Honeit, Nick was the director of global recruiting at TubeMogul. In 26 months, he built and scaled the talent acquisition team through hyper-growth of 60 to 360 employees through IPO ($TUBE), while concurrently attending business school at Haas. Prior to TubeMogul, Nick was the director of strategic staffing at MTV Networks (Viacom) in New York City, overseeing Global Digital Media and Interactive Technology recruitment. He has worked for two HR technology companies (Taleo, NextSource) and began his career as a technology headhunter. Nick received his MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and a BS degree in Applied Mathematics. 

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