With innovation all around us, it’s staggering to think that phone interviews have never evolved.

There’s a lot of talk about data-driven hiring, but the most valuable information we can get is from the candidates themselves. We’re not talking about padded resumes or self-proclaimed social profiles. I’m talking about a candidate’s off-the-cuff responses and impromptu answers that showcase domain knowledge, but also their personality, communication style and enthusiasm. The problem is that phone interviews still take place in a vacuum and the scribbled interview notes that recruiters share today haven’t changed in 50 years. Scribbled notes, written summaries and subjective opinions are no longer sufficient to articulate “talent”.

Don’t get me started with one-way and “video interview’ tools, which add extra steps, are inconvenient to candidates and introduce new opportunities for bias… There’s a reason why job seekers don’t put their photos on resumes..Interviews are two-way conversations!

“More importantly, it’s more fair.”

Joel Spolsky, Founder of Trello, Stack Overflow & Fog Creek Software

As Joel Spolsky said it – “More importantly, it’s more fair. when referring to the phone screen. In an age where diversity and inclusion is paramount to building successful and high-performing organizations – video interviews hurt inclusion. Phone interviews offer insight into a candidate’s enthusiasm, communication style and personality (i.e. culture fit) – and you do NOT need video for that. Furthermore, in the hyper-competitive world of recruiting, candidates deserve to speak with a person at your company.

Why should only one person hear a great interview answer?

At Honeit.com – we’ve built phone interview software that brings natural (two-way) conversations into the 21st century. We capture all the rich candidate insights during live conversations, to easily share the highlights and make better hiring decisions, faster. Don’t worry.. you can still use your phone if you want to. 🙂

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