Key Result:

Using Honeit, PeopleLift was able to train remote recruiters to make placements in less than 30 days.

Let’s say that again… PeopleLift hired and trained a remote team of recent college graduates to be up-and-running and making real placements with real clients in less than 30 days!

PeopleLift is a fully remote recruiting team based in Atlanta, USA. They recently shared some exciting productivity and success metrics from using Honeit Software to schedule, screen and present candidates to clients.

Tim Visconti, PeopleLift’s Founder and CEO has extensive recruiting experience from both sides of the recruitment business, agency recruiting and corporate talent acquisition. Tim and the PeopleLift leadership team hire recent graduates and train them to be A+ recruiters in weeks, not months. Using Honeit, Tim saw improvements in ramp-up time for new associates, recruiter productivity, and off-the chart submittal ratios and candidate placement rates.

Key Insights:

  • With Honeit, we cut the ramp up time (education) and domain knowledge acquisition (positional learning) acquisition to < 30 days for a brand new graduate
  • PeopleLift has automated 85% of the recruitment experience and Honeit is the key human element in creating meaningful data driven conversations.
  • Our entry level team conducted 728 interviews in 18 weeks with a 3 day lead time. 8 interviews per work day.
  • Using the Honeit recruiting platform, we are able to ensure top quality candidate delivery resulting in 56% of all conversations ending with a manage selection for an interview and 10% of all conversations resulting in a hire…that translates to 3.5 to 4.5 hires per week per desk.
  • Honeit is part of a world class tool set that allows our recruiters to have senior level output (average 31.5 interviews per week) with a talk time of > 29.5 hours per week within 30 days
  • For a recent client, we were able to create a path to ‘hr to hire’ track for qualified reps without manager review due to quality, manager driven content interview

What’s incredible about this data is that every recruiter at PeopleLift is completely new at recruiting!

Tim’s leadership team recruited well-spoken and enthusiastic recent college graduates and taught them the basics. The Honeit platform then provided the framework to perform structured technical phone screens, quickly ensure quality and enhance candidate submittals.

Key Metrics:

The below recruiter metrics are impressive for experienced recruiters, let alone recruiters new to the business. With Tim’s coaching and the Honeit interview platform, PeopleLift is able to quickly train new recruiters and making placements in weeks, not months.

Remote Recruiting Technology

The Honeit interview platform helps recruiters automate scheduling, perform structured technical phone screens, review talent together and share interview highlights to accelerate the hiring process. Honeit combines recruiting automation with conversation intelligence. It’s been fun to see Tim and the PeopleLift team use Honeit to excite candidates and delight their recruiting clients.

We’ll be adding more case studies from Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, Marketing Research, Venture Capital and Staffing teams who use Honeit Software to save time and make better team decisions, faster!