As an applied mathematics major, I’ve always been a fan of numbers, data and patterns. However, as a human resources and talent acquisition practitioner, it’s been frustrating to hear the term ‘big data’ and ‘data-driven hiring’ thrown around so loosely.

Recruiters and experienced hiring managers recognize that simply matching keywords on a social profile or resume, with that of job description is short-sighted. Companies also recognize this only widens the gap, in terms of diversity and inclusion, by only screening for buzzwords and shiny logos. Hiring teams today know it’s more than a skill set or exposure to technologies or certain experiences that make some qualified and a great fit for any given role, team or company.

Regardless of the source of candidates – from referrals, applicants, strategic sourcing, employer branding – it’s our actual conversations with candidates that provide the richest and most important data available. It’s also the case that we only know talent when we hear it. A thirty minute phone interview contains more candidate information, and deep candidate insights than a resume or cover letter ever could. However, these conversations to date, and all the data within, have been lost forever.

Rather than just sharing opinions or trying to articulate our gut reactions, we’re excited to help hiring teams collect a rich new data layer from live conversations, for better hiring decisions. Hiring Managers can finally hear rich candidate insights, straight from a candidate, with no misinterpretation or bias from scribbled interview notes. By incorporating real-time interview analytics into our existing interview workflow, we can introduce an agile approach to improve interview questions, and hone-in on the most important requirements for any open requisition. By sharing real-time interview data with hiring managers, recruiters can build trust and credibility and leverage collaborative feedback loops like never before. Not only does live interview data accelerate the hiring process, we can use it to identify leading indicators, by analyzing the answer from candidates who become our best hires.

Hiring managers want data. 21st century phone interview technology captures real-time data that will change the candidate screening process forever.

Prior to co-founding Honeit, Nick was the director of global recruiting at TubeMogul. In 26 months, he built and scaled the talent acquisition team through hyper-growth of 60 to 360 employees through IPO ($TUBE), while concurrently attending business school at Haas. Prior to TubeMogul, Nick was the director of strategic staffing at MTV Networks (Viacom) in New York City, overseeing Global Digital Media and Interactive Technology recruitment. He has worked for two HR technology companies (Taleo, NextSource) and began his career as a technology headhunter. Nick received his MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and a BS degree in Applied Mathematics. 

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